Catalans UK organises a variety of formal and informal gatherings. We regularly meet in dinner talks where our guest, a public figure, talks about a topic on current affairs, normally his/her matter of expertise, whether it is about economics, politics, cinema, arts, etc., either in the Catalan or international sphere, after which there is always a Q&A session where attendants can pose their burning questions.

To date, we have had a long list of prominent figures, such as Paul Preston, Artur Mas, Salvador Cardús, Vincenç Villatoro, Joan Laporta, President Pujol, Ferran Soriano, Alfred Bosch, Ventura Pons, Muriel Casals, Marta Pesarrodona, or more recently, the Minister for Economy and Knowledge of the Catalan Government, Andreu Mas'Colell.

The gatherings take place either in H10 Hotel, where we always enjoy a delicious Catalan-style dinner, or in other venues such as the London School of Economics.

We have also organised a number of casual events, such as the singing of Havaneres at Primrose Hill, paella at Macondo, wine tasting, gathering of Catalan parents, workshop of sardanes, Diada de Sant Jordi (Stl George's Day celebrations), normally in Borough Market, or Castellers (or human towers) in front of the Tate Modern, just to mention a few.

We intend to celebrate the Catalan calendar of events, especially Saint George´s Day (23rd April), Saint John´s Day (24th June), Catalonia´s National Day (11th September) or the ´Castanyada´ (1st November). We also gather around to enjoy a ´'Calçotada´ (gastronomic tradition) and for Christmas celebrations

Catalans UK encourages and promotes friendship and networking between its members and friends. Catalonia is less far away when we meet and chat about our roots or share our experiences here in the UK, but we also welcome all British friends who are fond of our culture and are keen to learn more about our homeland.

Catalans UK aims to provide the right resources and support to its members by communicating relevant information that may be of their benefit, including services offered by fellow Catalan entities in the UK, or Catalan related events organised by British institutions, such as Catalan language classes etc.

Catalans UK does not provide any support on consular services, any assistance required must be addressed directly to either the Spanish Embassy or Consulate. However, we are working to be able to provide an orientation program to support newcomers from Catalonia on general topics, aiming to make it easier for them to settle and integrate in the British culture and way of life. As soon as this service is available this will be communicated to our members and will also be published in this site.