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    Dia: Dl / 30 d'abril 2018
    Hora: De 00.00 a 00:00
    Lloc: Spanish Theatre Company, 249 South Lambeth Rd., London SW8 1XR

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    After the great success of The Swallow from last year, we are proud to bring back this emotional play from the esteemed playwright Guillem Clua, from 30 April to 26 May, as part of the second edition of the New Spanish Playwriting Season, generously supported by 
    Acción Cultural Española.
    Inspired by the attack in a gay nightclub in Orlando that saw the deaths of 50 people, The Swallow is a highly sensitive piece featuring Emily and Ray, who during an evening of confessions come to realise how their loss simultaneously separates and unites them.
    Directed by Paula Paz, Associate Director of The Cervantes Theatre, and starring David Luque and Jeryl Burgess in the English version and Amparo Climent in the Spanish version. The play also features music by Nico Casal, composer of the music for 2016 Oscar winner Stutterer and set design by the talented and multi-garlanded Alejandro Andújar.
    ''When an indiscriminate attack happens, we are all victims who have to deal with the same crossroads: love or hate. Our world depends on the direction we decide to take.'' Guillem Clua
    Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the 2018 programme.
    from £17.50
    Concessions (Under 25, Over 65) £15

    7th to 26th May in English 
    30th April to 4th May in Spanish.