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    Dia: Dt / 1 d'agost 2017
    Hora: 18:30h
    Lloc: Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall , London SW1Y 5AH

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    1 Aug 2017     6:30 pm | Cinema 1 | £7.00 to £11.00

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    Director Ventura Pons will be present for a Q&A hosted by Maria Delgado, Professor & Director of Research, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London

    On the day that a group of children start their swimming lessons, Jordi, one of the monitors, is accused of kissing a child. The varying and conflicting accounts of the kiss soon cause suspicion, doubts and fears amongst those around Jordi. Was it a tender gesture to calm a frightened child or did it entail another motive?

    Virus of Fear sees Ventura Pons, one of Catalonia's most significant film directors, returning to one of his most prevalent sources of inspiration: theatre. The narrative questions our prejudices and considers how human interactions are caught in the pressures exerted by our social networks and their not necessarily accurate appraisal of reality.

    Virus of Fear, dir. Ventura Pons, Catalonia 2015, 75 mins